ASO Current Account Products

A superior account with current and savings account features and zero COT features


  • Opening and minimum balance of N100,000 for individuals and 250,000 for corporate account holders.

  • Zero COT subject to Max 5 withdrawals monthly

  • Interest is forfeited with more than five (5) withdrawals

  • 3% interest rate payable annually

  • Free personalized cheques books

  • Non-borrowing account but statistics can be used to support borrowing on another account.

  • Suitable for individuals with high volume daily transactions.

Download Account Opening Form

Account Opening Requirements

  • One recent passport photograph of each signatory

  • Duly completed and signed signature mandate card

  • Utility bill issued within the last three months

  • Valid id for each signatory

  • Two references

  • Certificate of registration

  • Certified form c07, c02

  • Certified true copy memorandum & articles of associations

  • Partnership deeds

  • Board resolutions

  • Meeting extract/minutes

  • Constitution/bye-laws & regulations/enabling act/decree

  • Letter of authorizing officer/power of attorney

  • Trust deed

  • Letter of administration

  • Company seal

Download Account Opening Form